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Aug. 25th, 2010

So I was feeling nostalgic and stuff and I decided to find and download an old game my brother used to play called Tex Murphy 3 - Under a Killing Moon. It's a detective-type game that I believe takes place after WWIII or something. They had a 'tv clip' from WWII but in the beginning Tex has a book on his desk titled 'WWIV'. But whatver.

Anyway, the discs are being ass pains and not letting me play it on my laptop or on Matt's laptop that has XP on it. So the whole thing is giving me a migraine and I'm really getting frustrated by it but I still really want to play it. I think it might just be my computer though. I tried to play xargon on here and it was slow and lagging and stuff like that. Oy.

But I thought I would just post this as I haven't posted in a long while. So here's an update to you few people who bother to follow me on here.

Ja ne!