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Ode to Windows 98

Oh, dearest Windows 98. Where I got my first introduction to the wonderful world of personal computers. Oh, how I have missed thee. And now, to find you here, before me, complete with a 14 gigabyte harddrive and a floppy disk drive; it almost makes me want to cry. Even now, I have recovered an old disk of mine from the days before I owned a Universal Serial Bus device. Those 20 megabytes were so precious in those days... I feel a little nostalgic now, wishing I could go back to that time. Back to when I knew very little about somputers other than how to read text files. I miss those days so much sometimes.

But, alas, those days are behind me. No longer do I wait patiently for five minutes whil I connect to the Internet. No more do I dash back and forth between the library computers and my own, saving text files and reading them in the dead of night. No! I have a new computer now, a laptop, and on it I am able to follow the latest autions in Japan, stream video from Canada, even buy food from Germany. Yes, the days of Windows 98 are over; but you will always have a warm and special place in my heart. And hopefully, in the hearts of other computer users. For now, though, I must bid farewell to this document, for I have some serious cleaning to do. Au revoir, mon cherie!

(Okay, so technically I started out with Windows 95 and then my dad upgraded to Windows 98, so sue me. Point it,s my fiance's brother gave me his old 98 computer and it reminded me so much of living in Bellwood, PA playing solitare that I had to start writing about it. Happy now, any critics out there?)


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Jun. 1st, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
We still have a Windows 98 computer as our main one downstairs. It's 9GB with 300-something MB of RAM. Old as hell and just as rickety. Mom even wants a new one.

Anyway, um... Oh yes, you can make the Windows XP OS look like the old 1998 scheme (that's what I did.) Even though yours is Vista I bet it can do the same thing -- just go to Properties > Appearance and hit "Windows Classic." Bam.

Also AZ was a bust. The cosplay was good but everything else was completely lame. You didn't miss anything cool.
Jun. 2nd, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
True. My old Vista laptop has a 98 theme to it. But only 98 and maybe 2000 have DOS still programmed in. So I don't have to get DOS Box or anything and I still get to play my favorite old games!
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