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Dungeons and Dragons musings

Okay, so I just finished playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons, well I should actually say Pathfinder, as that is the rulebook we are using, but anyway; I find myself a little bit worried about the coming sessions.

I have recently discovered that we are fighting against a lot more than we first thought. Not only are we fighting demons, but undead as well as the last of a powerful bloodline of serpents.

(Oh, I guess just to clarify for anyone who pays attention to this journal, the game of D&D I'm playing involves animals as characters. So instead of having humans and elves and dwarves and the like, we have squirrels and mice and bats and chipmunks. So, serpents are a BIG deal to us)

I have also recently discovered that my mother, who disappeared promptly following my birth, may have visited the bat tribe who lives outside of The Wood(our home) and that I may actually have a last name.

(Another note. In this game, you only have a last name if you earn it for yourself and your family. So last names generally carry some weight in our world)

My character is a brown mouse bard, who sucks at being a bard. I find that, when faced with actually role-playing my character out, especially in the serious sweat-my-deodorant-off sessions we have, the words that I would have wanted to say abandon me. Chibi the Person is not one of flowery words unless she's joking. The fact that I am also playing with a good collection of seasoned gamers makes me even more nervous. Which makes our storyteller, Master John, have to basically 'lead me by the paw'. I can write down stuff and think of stuff, but when it comes time to say it, I freeze up. John says he's going to put me in sessions where I HAVE to role-play, and that's the part that worries me. I'm not terribly afraid of my character dying, since she's already faced death a couple of times already. It's more the fact that I'm afraid she'll say something utterly stupid and/or completely inappropriate or wrong.

I just know I'm going to be dreaming about this session tonight. I have taken up a real-life position of bard in our group to the extent that I am writing down what we are doing in the game as it progresses. It helps when we have to go back and review, as we had to this session.

I'll give you a basic overview of what happened tonight:

My party and I were welcomed into the bat community so that we could ask the Baron(their ruler) for aid in the growing badger(demon) threat that has begun to disturb our borders for a second time. While in counsel with him, we learned that one of our gods is still out there and attacking indiscriminately between the badgers and the bats. We also learned that the badgers have a much larger force than we knew of. A mole monk in our party was able to learn, as well, the location to a cure for a tribe of his brethren that had been turned to stone by a serpent's curse.

So we have two roads ahead of us. We can either head to the lair of the serpent and cure the monk's brothers, or we can attempt to go to the badger stronghold and destroy it. There is also a third path that is presented to us, but none of us really want to go that way. The path I'm talking about is going back to The Wood and making the threat publicly known. The ruling house of our homeland would rather keep this as hush-hush as possible. As such, he has placed a price on our heads. You can see why we might not want to go that way.

There are so many things that I wish I could type on here; but because Master John is looking to publish some of his works, I can only try and give a bare skeleton, and beg that no one uses any ideas they may get from my entry. I know some may ask, "Well, why even post it at all then?," and I'd have to say that I needed to get it off my chest before I screamed.

And now that I have, I'm going to bed.

Ja ne!