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I'm being evicted!

Dad has stated that since the weather is warming up(NOT!) it's time for me to pack my shite and head back up to my room. Joy. I like it down here! It's warm and cozy and right by the kitchen! And I don't have to worry about falling down on my face whenever I wake up and head to the dining room. I have this habit of rushing down the stairs if I don't have anything in my hands, but I wear socks to bed and our steps are hardwood so they're very slippery. We also have a glass door at the bottom of the steps. Yay.

Anyway, that's really all I wanted to say. Again I've had a pretty boring day. I pet my Cow, cleaned up my collection of yarn and moved it upstairs and flipped a little over the fact that I couldn't find the cord to my old laptop.

Ja ne!