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CHOCOLATE BUNNIES FOR ALL!! *tosses bunnies*

So how's it been, peeps? I've been okay. I couldn't sleep the other night, but I'm good now. And I got to work from like 12 to closing(9:15ish) Friday and Saturday(yesterday, I know). So my feet really hurt! Again, I'm fine today. I go back tomorrow, but thankfully not until 6. Must remember to bring my wallet next time. Yesh.

Anywhoozles, lately, I have been watching a lot of Foamy cartoons. One day I was just sitting here, and I thought, "Hey, I haven't watched any Foamy goodness lately" so I hopped over to the site. Yay! New stuf! Woot!

Another thing, I've been reading Bleach and Ouran High School Host Club on Bleach Exile ever since I finished reading all the published volumes of Bleach(at least in the States) and the first volume of Host Club(our bookstore SUCKS! They had the first volume, then BOOM! it jumps straight to the 9th one!) The site also has other manga and select anime that is ABSOLUTELY FREE to download if you just register(also totally FREE!).

On another note, I LOST MY BRAND SPANKY-NEW SUNGLASSES! I know, it's totally pathetic! I get my new shades in this awesome hard case, so I keep them in there when I'm not wearing them so I don't lose them or anything. Well this past Thursday I took them to school with me, and I PUT THEM IN MY BOOKBAG AFTER MY LAST CLASS(sign language 2, so cool!). I have no memory of taking them out after that. But, lo and behold! When I dig in my bag the next day for them, THEY HAVE MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHED! *dum dum DAHH!* So now I don't know where they are. They are either still in my ASL classroom, or I somehow left them at the Chinese restaurant I visited with illyria47 after class. I don't know. I hope no one found them and was all like, "Cool. Ray Ban sunglasses! Sweet! Oh wait, these are prescription! Piece of s***" and precede to throw them away or pawn them or something! I know, I know, the chances of that happening are slim to none(the last part), but you never know!

Well, I'm going to go now. Thank you for listening to me rant and rave and be all weird.

Ja ne!


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Mar. 24th, 2008 06:01 am (UTC)
Let's see...
(our bookstore SUCKS! They had the first volume, then BOOM! it jumps straight to the 9th one!)
AWESOME SURPRISE: You can CUSTOM ORDER books at the counter if they don't have what you want. It comes in a few days/weeks and if you don't want it after all or don't have the money, they just put it on the shelf for someone else to buy.

I've been reading Bleach and Ouran High School Host Club on Bleach Exile
Bleach Exile? I really like Manga Traders for this sort of thing, personally. I'm not sure, but I think they do have a wider selection?

The anime version of Ouran is friggin hilarious, though...
Mar. 24th, 2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Let's see...
Well, Bleach Exile has an online manga reader, so I don't have to download it, which helps me because my laptop sucks balls with a 40 gig hard drive. I'm actually trying to downgrade to XP. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I know about the custom ordering, I just don't feel like doing it. I had to do it to get "The Neverending Story" by Micheal Ende(I think that's right...). Plus I want to go to a different bookstore like Barnes and Noble in Hickory or Books A Million in Winston(I think).

I'm trying to read all that I can of Ouran before I watch the anime. It's just the way I am.
Mar. 24th, 2008 01:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, and I know about Manga Traders. I have an account there too. It's where I get my yaoi manga. They have a pretty good selection. I'd like to own hard copies, but so far I only have "Lovers In The Night" by Fumi Yoshinaga, "Man's Best Friend" by Kazusa Takashima, and "Wild Rock" by the same author. Rawr.
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