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Argh! this is really starting to annoy me!

My assistant manager called me and asked me to come in to work early. Not a problem really. The thing is, she wasn't supposed to be there until 2:30 and she ended up opening, AGAIN, because our manager couldn't come in. Apparently she threw her back out or something so it's very doubtful she'll come in at all today. Now, if this were a one-time thing I'd understand completely. But this has been going on for almost a month, maybe more! So the assistant is stuck doing manager work and time but not getting the pay for it. It's really frustrating!
Man, I'm getting tired. Dad has evicted me from my home on the futon in our living room and has made me move back up into the tornado zone that I affectionately call my room. Joy. Also, my boyfriend Babnoba has said that he will take me to the CM mall(like I'm going to name it here) on Saturday if my room shows a significant improvement from last time he saw it. (looks around) I think it looks pretty good considering I'm surrounded by books, boxes and computer parts.

But I just felt like updating. The book binding's going good, in case anyone might have been wondering.

Ja ne!

PS. Mozilla Firefox does not have dictionaries for Chinese or Japanese, in any dialect. Weird, ne?

I'm being evicted!

Dad has stated that since the weather is warming up(NOT!) it's time for me to pack my shite and head back up to my room. Joy. I like it down here! It's warm and cozy and right by the kitchen! And I don't have to worry about falling down on my face whenever I wake up and head to the dining room. I have this habit of rushing down the stairs if I don't have anything in my hands, but I wear socks to bed and our steps are hardwood so they're very slippery. We also have a glass door at the bottom of the steps. Yay.

Anyway, that's really all I wanted to say. Again I've had a pretty boring day. I pet my Cow, cleaned up my collection of yarn and moved it upstairs and flipped a little over the fact that I couldn't find the cord to my old laptop.

Ja ne!

Space...the final frontier...

I've been watching Star Trek all day. The original series too, not Voyager or any of that. Now I keep humming the old theme song.

But enough about that. I discovered yesterday in a knitting book that the 'conventional' way of knitting is also known as the 'German method'. I found this kind of funny as I myself am about half-German. I also think that I might have freaked out my American Government classmates slightly. The first day of class saw me sitting there singing songs in my head and moving to an invisible beat. Something about the classroom we're in makes Beatles songs fly through my head and I start playing air drums and humming along. Oddly enough, the room we're in happens to be the room that I had my last sign language class in. Maybe that's it. But I doubt it. Idk.

Also, my secret life was discovered today by a close friend. But I've sworn them to secrecy. So I'd better not have anything to worry about...hopefully.

But that's it for today.

Ja ne!
This has to be one of the most boring days of my life so far. The only bit that was exciting(and to be honest it was more frustrating than anything) was when I applied for school this semester. Like last semester I was only able to sign up for one class, but honestly until I get my s*** together one is all I can handle. I'm going to try and find my last English teacher and see about retaking the Reading placement test. Funnily enough, my own language is what's holding me back the most in college. You'd think that it would be fairly easy since it is, after all, my native language. But no, I'm currently having the most problems in it.

On the upside I did get another book bound. Again it was for my friend Sean, only he specifically asked me for this one. We're working on writing a history for our country, The Royal Republic Constituted Independent Self-Governed Country of Euroslovodkastanasia. It's pretty fun. I am one of the Ambassadors of Public Affairs for the first territory(being where I live).

Other than that, though, my day has been very dull. I recently finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now I'm sleepy. It's only 7:13! I woke up at about 9:35! I should have some energy stored up somewhere in me! I'm only 21! I'm too young to be tired so soon! Rawr!!!


Sorry. It's just that this is week I don't go in until Saturday, and even then I go in very late! With Babnoba going to his mom's to help around the house and all of my friends being busy with their lives, I have nothing to do! I'm going nucking futs around here! Can I please have a life that doesn't revolve around sitting and eating? Please? I mean, I know I could probably use the weight I would gain, seeing as how I'm so skinny; but come on! This is ridiculous! My mother had to pay for my tuition! Again! All because I don't get paid until tomorrow!

I hate my life right now!!

Well, I think I'm going to plug up my iPod and try and get my room at least semi-cleaned.

Ja ne.

Jan. 5th, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate the start of a new decade, I have purchased a new laptop! So this one has no bugs or issues! Apart from the fact that I have to adjust to slightly bigger keys than my old dell. But other than that it's great!

An I recently discovered that I have some talent with coptic binding. I did 2 books so far.

Eep! Gotta go! I'll edit this post later.

Ja ne!

For we are incurably given to rove!

Well, my laptop is fixed... for the most part. The q key still isn't working, and now the down arrow key doesn't work either. I talked to Babnoba about it and he said that we can work a deal with the owner of the computer shop that owned haven and I might be able to get a new laptop. I want a bigger hard drive and hopefully a webcam. That way I can talk to my brother in Albania!

Anyways, my cooking has started to get better. I made teriyaki chicken today using a recipe that I found online. linky! It's really good! Last time I made it though, I burned it. My mom liked it though.

But I just felt like updating today.

Ja ne!


So, I finally am able to get my laptop back and fairly back to normal, only having the q key problem. I get home tonight in order to download the Vista Service Pack 1 on it without having to worry about someone stealing it or anything, and it WON'T. EVEN. BOOT! With my down arrow key also not working it is impossible for me to boot from a cd in order to fix the situation, so now my computer is well and truly fucked. Yay. I ending up slamming the screen down a few times, running upstairs to screech into a pillow and throw the closest solid things to me at the wall(a roll of masking tape and a walky-talky) and finally crying while my fiance Babnoba held me. He told me that we're going to talk to the owner of the computer shop and see if we can give him the laptop for parts and put them towards a new computer. Babnoba suggested a Mac but they're stupid expensive even though i'd really like one. I'll have to look up info later today.

But now I'm using my desktop which I finally got fixed up and added interwebs to it so I can do all my posting and stuff. So that's good. At least I'm not completely without interwebs. The one downside is taht the keyboard I'm using doesn't have a left SHIFT key. So that makes typing kind of difficult. And the fact that all the keys seem to be really close to each other, or it might be because I'm not used to a desktop keyboard anymore. *sigh*

But I'm going to bed now. I have math class at 10.

Ja ne!

IQ have qa brqoqkeqn keyq!

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And noqwq IQ'm heqarqiqng the qsouqnds oqf huqngrqy kiqtteqms. RQarqwrq.

Gotqs to qgoq noqwq! Huqbby toq beq at hoqmeq!

I wish I could play...

Today I have to sit out on our Sunday Dungeons and Dragons session. *sigh* The reason being is that my character is currently on a mission to "fix what's not right" with her. (previous session, my alignment of chaotic neutral switched to lawful neutral) So she is off on her quest to get that fixed, and I am just going to sit and twiddle my thumbs and listen to the session. Poor Hulda(that is her name, but it's pronounced 'hilda'), all alone out in the wide world with no one to talk to. Although I did get to rage against some orcs. It was really cool; first I shot some down(meaning i exploded their brains) and then I raged and took the others out with my mace who I fondly call Dollie. When I raged, I giggled like a little girl. I think it kinda creeped out the people who were listening. I have to solo-session until she finishes her quest.

Well, I seem to keep getting sidetracked so I'm going to go for now.

Ja ne!